State of art report "Consumer perceptions and practices og young digital native"

This intellectual production is focused on numerical practices of young "fashion phenomenon" or "addictive behavior ». Based on the existing literature and a decentralized research work carried out by the consortium and involving 419 young people aged 16-25 years (205 women and 214 men), a detailed report was produced in EN / SK, and a short version of this report is available in 5 different languages: EN, FR, IT, SK, PT.

You can download here the detailed report or the short report in EN.

Digital natives tool case: tools to educate youth about the risks of digital addictions

The digital world is recent concern. The exponential supply of products is featured by a potential addictive aspect with an easy accessibility. All those who deal with young people are concerned, each according to its missions.

The "Digital young people" toolkit includes a variety of tools dedicated to three types of addictions / disruptive behaviors: social media, gaming, texting, most of which was tested during the implementation of a pilot program.

A handbook that list all collected and developed tools is available in all partnership languages (EN, FR, IT, PT, SK). Specific tools were selected by each partner according to their relevance to the territory and uploaded on the TICS platform.

You can download here the toolkit in EN.

Social and educational utilisation of information and communication technologies

This intellectual output is the result of a collection and diagnostic work and presents the best tools / practices / training on the use of ICT, FOAD or WEB in the implementation of "catchy" projects aimed at young people. The study was conducted with 158 professionals.

The results of the work are presented in a detailed report (version EN, SK) illustrating:

 -the relationship between the education system, compulsory education and the situation of school drop-out in partner countries

 - the actors in the partner territories who work to prevent and / or intervene / repair school dropout.

 - the use of information and communication technologies in the socio-educational process and the skills of professionals

 - good practices and recommendations

for better use of ICTs.

A synthesis of this report presenting the main results of the study is available in all the languages ​​of the partnership (EN, FR, SK, IT, PT).

You can download here the detailed report or the short report in EN.

"Using digital for support, it’s possible" tool case: awareness tools and proposals to better take into account the role of ICT in supporting youngsters dropouts in risk of drop out.

 The tool case " Using digital for support, it’s possible " enables professionals to be equipped in order to set up animations and trainings around any type of theme using ICT. It integrates a wide range of technical data sheets for the handling of devices such as Moodle, Digital storytelling, Intranet, Facebook, Web 2.0 (Glogster) developed within the partnership on the theme of addiction / use of ICTs and social networks. It is addressed to professionals in social and educational field.

The toolkit is available in all partnership languages (EN, FR, IT, PT, SK). Specific tools were selected by each partner based on their relevance with the territory / target group and uploaded on the TICS platform.

 Download here the tool case in EN.

Project website and online community for two-way communication and action

The consortium is preparing professionals to completely change their approach on supporting young people. For this purpose was created a guide of the knowledge facilitator  and a web support / virtual community allowing to develop a sense of belonging to a group and where young people and professionals are in a production situation, to discover, and to appropriate practices/behaviors.

The guide and the web support are available in all languages of the partnership.

A pilot project with face-to-face and at a distance workshops lasting a minimum of 35 h was set up in each country of the partnership with the participation of 206 professionals and 286 young people from 16 to 25 years old.

Download here  the guide in EN.

Access to our platform:

Training materials: ICT in socio-educational support activities to fight early school leaving

This pedagogical handbook, available in EN, FR, IT, PT, SK, offer key tools to professionals and organizations implementing actions for young people in a situation of school drop-out, vulnerability, economic and social exclusion, and encourage them to use ICT for educational, training and social purposes.

It contains the main theories that have strongly influenced the way partners have developed and implemented activities to promote support actions for digital natives.

Based on the overall results of the project, the pedagogical handbook sets out a common core of skills to be developed

- among young people to effectively use digital tools and create new knowledge useful for their personal life and professional life

- and among professionals to better accompany the digital Native.

 For the development of these competences a series of tools developed within the framework of the project are analyzed.

 Download here othe training material in EN.